Curved Glass Panels

Bent glass is made by placing the glass on a mold and heating it to bend according to the weight of the glass itself, and then making it after cooling
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We supply glass creates harmonious space structuring for interior design purposes. In outside areas, the curve of the glass play a very important part . such as th doors and display windows,glass windows glass railing.


In technical terms curved tempered safety glass provides, amongstothers, the following product advantages:

enhanced impact resistance compared to annealed curved glass.

higher resistant to flexural stresses than conventional curved glass.

increased resistance to large temperature variations. This improved product quality renders it ideally suited for the use in applications and in areas subject to high levels of thermal stress.

a spectrophotometric performance which is in most cases identical to flat float glass of the same composition and thickness.


Cut-to-size, drilled and edge-worked flat glass sheets are heated in a special tempering furnace to about 700°C and shaped after exiting the heating zone. They are then cooled rapidly by cold air blown onto the bent glass. This results in the two outer surfaces contracting and solidifying before the interior, which induces permanent compressive stresses into the surfaces of the glass, effectively increasing the strength of the glass and keeping it in the new shape. The interior of the glass naturally balances the compressive stress surface layers by being under tensile stress. These properties result in the increased strength and safe breakage characteristics of thermally toughened glass. When the central tensile section of the glass is ruptured, the stress is explosively released, producing the fracture characteristics of small, relatively harmless fragments.证书

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