Identification of insulating glass

- Mar 01, 2018-

1. Filling inert gas argon and krypton

According to the expert introduction of energy-saving housing design, as far as a window is concerned, the dissipation of heat energy in the house is mainly through the transmission of window frames, glass radiation, window pages and the gap of the door frames, so there will be "hollow glass" came into being. In fact, "hollow Glass" is not "empty", according to technical requirements of the two-layer spacing of insulating glass is generally 8mm, the test has shown that if the 8mm spacing is completely vacuum, atmospheric pressure will be crushed glass. So qualified insulating glass. The interlayer of the 8mm thick space must be filled with inert gas argon and krypton. After filling, the test shows its k value (heat transfer coefficient limit), in the vacuum state, can also be reduced by 5%, which means better insulation performance.

2, the market confusion of double glazing

In other words, if you buy back of the insulating glass inside its mezzanine is really "empty", it is no doubt that its thermal insulation or insulation cooling performance is at best double glazing, heat preservation and energy efficiency is necessarily poor, scientific testing proved that qualified insulating glass, Can make the general window glass heat transfer coefficient limit value K value from the original 3.5 to 2.8, heat transfer performance drop can make the room heat is not easy to be dissipated. Counterfeit insulating glass in the market, mostly only two pieces of glass are simply fixed together, its insulation performance is certainly poor.

3. The aluminum strip with the hole between the glass

"Double-glazed" with poor thermal insulation, often due to the entry of air vapor into the interlayer fog, even the mold point, so some enterprises are often used in two pieces of glass with holes in the aluminum strip, in the pores of the aluminum particles in the granular desiccant "processing" method, in fact, just played a temporary role in the cover-up, does not improve the double-layer glass of any insulation performance, time a long desiccant failure, or will be betrayed.