Industrial development of Mirrors

- Mar 01, 2018-

The mirror can be said to be rigid demand goods, both durable goods and fast consumer goods, and there is no substitute for the mirror, will only gradually subdivide the professional, such as hair mirror, mini makeup mirror and the use of various occasions, large mirrors are mainly used in sports and the body indoor, while the common mirror is mostly used in clothing shop for fitting; And very popular is to carry the makeup mirror.

In the future, the application of mirrors will be more subdivided and specialized, each occasion will be tailored to the mirror, will be more standardized market. At present, there are well-known mirror manufacturers Guangzhou Wen Bo Industrial Co., Ltd., Sanxin Enterprise, Jane Day, such as the U.S. Mirror factory. With the enterprise industry upgrading, the domestic mirror industry has begun to establish its own brand, has Tianhong, Mika, Feng Lang Mu, Bolen, Durand and other brands.