The daily knowledge of the mirror

- Mar 01, 2018-

Because the mirror is the vitreous, the impact and collision is easy to break, more luxurious is once a small crack and a little scraping is no longer used, so the mirror although cheap but if the use and protection of improper words also let people spend the heartache! What else does the mirror have to pay attention to besides falling? Have the following points:

1. Put the knowledge suggested that the mirror or flat, but not in some rough place

2. Take the attention of the mirror, hand as far as possible not to contact the mirror, to avoid oxidation

3. Regular cleaning is also one of the most important maintenance methods, but not many people will realize

4. As far as possible not to the mirror spray fog, many people have this habit, need to get rid of

5. Small mirrors as far as possible in the baby reach the place