Reflective Glass Windows

Reflective Glass Windows

reflective-glass-windows Laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass, manufactured by adhering two or more pieces of glass together with a flexible interlayer. The interlayer is generally either a PVB (poly vinyl butyral) or a CIP (resin). The glass and interlayer are bonded together using heat...
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17.jpgwhat is reflective glass?

Reflective glass is also called reflective glass. Coated glass is used to coat one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound films on the glass surface to change the optical properties of the glass to meet certain requirements. Coated glass can be divided into the following categories according to different characteristics of the product: thermal reflection glass, low-e, conductive film glass, etc.

Heat reflective glass

Heat reflective glass is generally in the glass surface layer or one multilayer plating such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metals or their compounds consisting of thin film, make the product is rich color, have appropriate for visible light transmittance, has high reflectivity to the infrared, is higher for uv absorption rate, therefore, also known as sun glass control, mainly used for construction and glass curtain wall; 

Low emissivity glass is on the glass surface by multi-layer plating metals such as silver, copper or tin, or their compounds composed of membrane system, products have high transmittance of visible light, to have a high reflectivity of infrared ray, has good heat insulation performance, mainly used in buildings and vehicles such as cars, ships, due to poor film strength, are usually made of hollow glass to use; 

Conductive film glass is coated with indium tin oxide film on the surface of glass, which can be used for heating, defrosting, defrosting and liquid crystal display.

Green glass

Due to high visible light transmittance, high solar energy transmittance and far infrared emissivity, high-permeability LowE glass has excellent lighting performance, abundant solar thermal radiation through glass and excellent thermal insulation performance.

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