Pvb Laminated Glass

Pvb Laminated Glass

After the glass is broken, it becomes a small particle or a knife. This is the main difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass. However, in engineering inspection, it is unrealistic to use this destructive test. How can you know what you bought? Is it tempered glass? This has to be...
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夹胶玻璃 112

Glass has a good perspective, transparent performance, high chemical stability, and can be obtained according to different processing methods to obtain strong mechanical strength and sound insulation, thermal insulation effect, isolation of strong light, so commonly used in all walks of life, to meet different needs


Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a kind of commonly used support. It has strong binding force, high optical clarity, easy to adhere to various surfaces, high toughness and high elasticity resin. It is prepared by the reaction of polyvinyl alcohol with butyraldehyde. The main application is safety laminated glass

5mm-1.52mm-5mm-PVB-clear-tempered-laminated-glass,11.52mm-clear-toughened-double-glazed,5.5.4-safety-laminated-glass-factory (1)

After improvement, the laminated glass is very thin, generally about 0.6 or 1.1 mm, and whether it is for low-frequency or high-frequency noise, it has good sound insulation effect, such as high-frequency noise can even reach 50 dB of sound insulation!


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