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Welcome to ask the price Introduction to product attributes [product name]: antique mirror [Glass material]: Fufa glass-coated mirror [Edge grinding]: bright edge | straight straight edge | shaped straight edge | straight line 5MM-25MM oblique side | shaped oblique side [Other processes]:...
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Introduction to product attributes

[product name]: antique mirror

[Glass material]: Fufa glass-coated mirror

[Edge grinding]: bright edge | straight straight edge | shaped straight edge | straight line 5MM-25MM oblique side | shaped oblique side

[Other processes]: chamfering R3-R100|drilling|opening blasting, etc.

[Product Origin]: Dongguan, Guangdong

[product size]: can be customized according to customer requirements size, style, etc.

[Product Color]: Ultra-transparent, black, translucent, gray translucent, matte, etc. (can be customized according to requirements)

[product price]: It is necessary to quote according to the selected materials, materials and sizes. Please contact us for details.

[Production cycle]: generally 7-10 days

[customized products]: can be customized according to any size and style

[Application range]: high-end villa decoration, hotel decoration, dressing mirror, bathroom mirror, retro personalized furniture matching mirror, etc.

[Features]: The antique mirror is made of natural glass. After being carved with pigments or metal objects and special oxidation treatment, various shapes are formed on the mirror.

And the color of the pattern, quite ancient and ancient, through the designer's retro design and creation can create a feeling of immersing through time and space! The company added

The antique mirrors work fine, the quality of the upper layer, full of retro beauty!

Antique mirror deep processing | Dongguan antique mirror processing | antique mirror |

The company's long-term processing of all kinds of silver mirrors, aluminum mirrors, antique mirrors, black mirrors, gray mirrors, gold tea mirrors, ultra-white mirrors, fitting mirrors, vanity mirrors, dressing table mirrors,

Bathroom mirror, mirror deep processing, mirror deep processing

Mirror sticker protective film, affixed explosion-proof membrane; mirror-milled beveled, straight beveled, straight straight, straight straight edge; mirror dimpled, drilled, inverted safety angle, inverted

Rounded corners; mirror carving, mercury, sanding, sanding, etc.

Antique mirror:

Antique Mirror is not an antique mirror in the traditional sense, but the latest popular decorative mirror in the world. It and me

The aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors used in daily life are different. The antique mirrors are made of natural glass and are embossed with pigments or metal objects and specially oxidized.

The mirrors are formed with various shapes and colors, which are quite ancient and ancient. After the designer's retro design and creation, they can create time and space.

The feeling of the environment! The antique mirrors processed by our company are finely crafted, and the quality is superficial, showing the retro beauty! Antique mirror production technology content, and a vast market

Compared to demand, its limited supply capacity determines its high price: its price per square meter can exceed 200 yuan. Therefore, the antique mirror market prospects

Very wide, the main application areas of antique mirrors are also many, such as high-level formal building interior decoration, retro personalized furniture package will use antique mirror, high

Grade hotel decoration will also use antique mirrors, high-end villa decoration and antique mirrors for bathroom mirrors.


At present, the main thickness that domestic enterprises can produce is 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm, and the size can reach 1.83*2.44 m. Of course, this factory can also provide

Cutting or edging services.

    Founded in 2005, Dongguan Juhui Glassware Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and is a professional glass processing factory in Dongguan.

Years of glass processing experience, professional glass processing technology team and high-tech machinery and equipment.

Main processing: architectural glass, furniture glass (family glass), showcase glass (display glass), bathroom glass, craft glass, lighting glass,

Photo frame glass, decorative glass, office frosted glass, bathroom decoration glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, electronic glass, etc.

Main materials: float glass, grid glass, domestic super white glass, American imported PPG ultra white glass, 3-8mm mercury mirror, advanced silver mirror, aluminum mirror, antique mirror (

Antique mirror), colored mirror, European gray glass, blue star gray glass, black glass glass, green glass glass, colored glass, glass Masek and other high quality glass.

The main processes are: glass grinding straight edge, glass grinding bevel, glass grinding round edge, glass grinding duckbill edge, process sandblasting, syrup sand, glass frosting, laser engraving

, explosion-proof membrane, oil enamel paint, horizontal tempering, hot bending, glass recession, glass drilling, silver mirror mercury, craft logo, etc.

    The strength of the company, the introduction of advanced production lines and glass deep processing of bilateral machines, beveling machines, straight edge machines, shaped machines, drilling machines, laser engraving

Machines, washing and drying machines, and other complete sets of state-of-the-art production equipment. Have first-class professional and technical talents, especially in the same industry in furniture glass processing technology

Leading position. The products produced have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, and are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

    In the operation and management, our company strictly follows the principle of “customer respect, continuous improvement, striving for quality, timely service”, with excellent products and perfection.

The service has gained an advantage in the market.

    Your trust is our greatest fortune, Juhui Glass will provide the best service for every customer, not the best but certainly better! !

Main uses of the product:

1. Architectural applications: glass windows, glass doors and windows, glass partitions, glass curtain wall telephone booths, etc.

2. Advertising applications: glass light boxes, glass signs, display stands, etc.

3.Furniture application: table top, TV cabinet glass, telephone table top glass, coffee table top glass and other furniture matching glass, matching mirror, furniture doors and windows

4. Sanitary application: sanitary glass, bathroom mirror, etc.

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