1.2-1.4mm Ultra-thin Mirror Panel Factory Supplier

1.2-1.4mm Ultra-thin Mirror Panel Factory Supplier

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Product Name: Ultra-thin mirror

Thickness: 1mm -3mm

Special varieties: solar ultra-thin mirror

Tsing Glass is an eight-year manufacturing company with internationally advanced equipment. We focus on high quality products and are competitively priced.



German technology specializes in the production of solar mirrors for solar thermal systems. The main purpose is to use the solar thermal power station or the power generation system of the heat-reflecting lens, but also for the pure light-heat system for heating.

The solar heat collecting mirror is generally made of ultra-white glass (low-iron glass) by a solar standard mirroring process and a 3-layer solar anti-aging protective paint.

Since there are mainly three types of solar thermal power stations, namely tower type, butterfly type, and trough type, the solar heat collecting and reflecting mirror is roughly divided into three types.


Then, it is cut into a shape suitable for splicing shape by CNC numerical control cutting machine, and the mirror is cold-bently fixed on the butterfly back plate by external force, and the edge is punched and so on.


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