Aluminum Mirror Glass

Aluminum Mirror Glass

Tsing aluminum mirror is produced through Horizontal production line,which is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror,so our aluminum mirror is the best quality in China,that's suitable for any processed and edgeworking.
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Aluminum Mirror Glass are commonly used for personal grooming or admiring oneself (where they are also called looking-glass), for viewing the area behind and on the sides on motor vehicles while driving, for decoration, and architecture. Aluminum Mirrors are also used in scientific apparatus such as telescopes and lasers, cameras, and industrial machinery. Most mirrors are designed for visible light; however, mirrors designed for other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are also used.


There are many types of glass mirrors, each representing a different manufacturing process and reflection type.


An aluminium mirror glass is made of a float glass manufactured using vacuum coating, i.e. aluminium powder is evaporated (or "sputtered") onto the exposed surface of the glass in a vacuum chamber and then coated with two or more layers of waterproof protective paint.


A low aluminium mirror glass is manufactured by coating silver and two layers of protective paint on the back surface of glass. A low aluminium glass mirror is very clear, light transmissive, smooth, and reflects accurate natural colors. This type of glass is widely used for framing presentations and exhibitions in which a precise color representation of the artwork is truly essential or when the background color of the frame is predominantly white.


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