High Quality Silver Mirror

High Quality Silver Mirror

High quality silver mirror Product Description MIRROR Glass is made by high quality clear or tinted float glass. Our high quality coating equipments could produce nice feeling mirrors with high reflection. The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and life like image. FEATURES: 1)...
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What is sliver mirror?

Commonly known as waterproof mirror, mercury mirror, glass surface coated silver mirror, glass mirror, mirror glass, and so on. Silver mirror is widely used in furniture, handicrafts, decoration, bathroom mirror, cosmetic mirror, optical mirror, and automobile rearview mirror.


Silver mirror, is a kind of glass mirror, mainly refers to the back reflection layer of silver glass mirror; Common civil decorative mirrors are divided into aluminum - coated glass mirror and silver - coated glass mirror.

Mainly used for, furniture, car rearview mirror, bathroom mirror, etc.

When storing mirrors, they should not be stacked with alkaline and acidic materials to avoid being stored in a humid environment

Silver mirror also refers to the phenomenon that when reducing sugar is tested, reducing sugar reacts with torrens reagent to generate elemental silver on the wall of the test tube

The silver mirror glass is made by using modern advanced mirror technology, select super float glass as the original piece, through a series of processes such as sensitization, silver plating, copper plating and protective paint.Its features are pure imaging, high reflectance, good color reduction, bright and natural image, even in the humid environment is durable, is the replacement of aluminum mirror products, its use range is large beyond aluminum mirror products.


Item3-6mm Clear or Tinted Sliver / Aluminum Mirror
Standrad Size914mmx1220mm, 1830mmx1220mm, 2000mmx1500mm, 2200mmx1650mm, 2440mmx1830mm, 2134mmx3300mm, 2134mmx3050mmm, 2440mmx3300mm, 2440mmx3660mm, 3050mmx1524mm, 3300mmx2250mm, 3210mmx2250mm or can be produce as your requirements;
ColorClear, Ultra Clear, Euro Grey, Euro Bronze, Golden Bronze, F Green, Dark Green,
Pink, Dark Blue etc.
AdvantageHigh reflection and imaging perfect;

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