Bent Glass

- Oct 18, 2019-

Hot-bending glass is a curved glass made by heating and softening flat glass to form in a mold and then annealed. Hot bending glass is generally processed in an electric furnace. Continuous hot bending furnaces generally have 5-6 chambers, 11-13 stations, and a finished product can be produced in about tens of minutes. The batch type hot bending furnace generally has only one chamber, and the temperature forming and annealing are completed in one room. The processing cycle takes several hours or even one hour and twenty hours, and is suitable for making small-sized extra large hot bending glass. What is the development of hot bending glass in the market?

With the advancement of the industrial level and the increasing living standards of the people, the use of hot-bending glass in construction and civilian applications is also increasing. Building hot bending glass is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, lighting roof, sightseeing elevators, arched corridors, etc. Civil hot bending glass is mainly used as glass furniture, glass aquarium, glass wash basin, glass counter, glass decoration and so on.

The large-scale use of building curved glass in China was first seen in 1989 and has increased year by year. According to statistics, there are more than 500 hot-bending glass enterprises in China, and there are about 2,000 glass bending furnaces, mainly for building glass hot bending furnaces, and most of them are single-chamber furnaces. With the expansion of the building decoration market, the furniture hot-bending glass has also greatly increased, and the wash basin hot bending furnace, the aquarium glass hot bending furnace and the glass hot melting furnace have been successively raised throughout the country. The hot-bend glass market is unusually hot.