Bent Tempered Glass Hot Bent Glass

- Oct 28, 2019-

Curved tempered glass function:

1, high intensity

The production method of bent steel glass is the same as that of tempered glass, and the strength of the glass is enhanced by rapid cooling after heating to cause compressive stress on the glass. Thus, the bent glass has the same strength planning value as the tempered glass, and its special shape makes it have a better wind pressure resistance function than the tempered glass.

2, security

The crushing method is the same as that of tempered glass, and the obtuse-angled fine particles are not harmful to the human body.

3, thermal shock

It has a good heat shock resistance function and can be adhered to within the temperature range of 220 ° C ~ 250 ° C.

Use: Bending steel is another type of tempered glass that has been widely welcomed by builders in recent years, not only because it has the same safety function and high strength as tempered glass, but more importantly, it is more satisfied with the modern construction planner's work. High requirements. Its smooth streamlined shape makes a perfect transition from a flat curtain wall to a curved glass curtain wall, making the glass curtain wall more beautiful, more sleek and flat, and a natural and outstanding overall.

The curved tempered glass is used as an indoor arc-shaped space, and the interior decoration makes the home environment more unique.

Applicable places: glass curtain wall with curved shape, lighting ceiling, visit elevator, indoor compartment, interior decoration, furniture, etc.