Characteristics Of Tempered Glass

- Mar 01, 2018-

Tempered glass is to heat the high quality float glasses close to the softening point, the surface of the glass is cooled rapidly so that the compressive stress is distributed on the glass surface while the tensile stress is in the center layer. Because of the strong equal compressive stress, the tensile stress caused by the external pressure is offset by the strong compressive stress of the glass, thus increasing the safety degree of the glass.

1, strength improvement: tempered glass after the mechanical strength, impact resistance, flexural strength can reach the ordinary glass 4-5 times.

2, improve the thermal stability: tempered glass can withstand a huge temperature difference will not be damaged, resistance to variable temperature difference ability is the same thickness of ordinary float glass 3 times times.

3, safety improvement: tempered glass by the strength of the damage, rapid appearance of micro-obtuse angle particles, so as to maximize the safety of the person. Applications: Furniture, electrical and electronic industry, construction, decoration industry, bath room, car, escalator, and other special needs of safety and the existence of drastic changes in temperature difference, and can be used as hollow glass and laminated glass of the original film.