Colored Silver Mirror

- Sep 02, 2019-

Application status of color mirror glass

Before using the color mirror glass, the original refrigerator door and shell were sprayed cold-rolled plate, PCM, VCM, and the air-conditioning panel was made of plastic products such as ABS and PS. It is difficult to achieve new breakthroughs in the appearance of these materials. of. The color mirror glass not only has the performance and process requirements of the above materials applied in home appliances, but also through the internal printing and other measures, the front color of the product is more vivid, and will not change due to the influence of external environment such as temperature, humidity, light, etc. It does not fade, and can be diversified in terms of color, pattern, structure, and the like.

The surface coatings of opaque materials such as plastics and metals are all externally painted. The visual effect has no thickness sense, and the coating is in direct contact with the outside world. It has defects in aging resistance, friction resistance and scratch resistance, and is not easy to clean. Erosion of gases or liquids such as acids, bases, salts, solvents, etc. Tempered glass is a good way to overcome these shortcomings.

Compared with other panels, the advantages of “stainless, bright, transparent, and flash” of the color mirror glass are clear at a glance. Because of its certain thickness, it is more crystal-clear and bright through the illumination of light. The color of the steel panel is gray and the style is low, so it is impossible to make a variety of colors, let alone multi-color overprinting, three-dimensional pattern and other effects.

The choice of color mirror glass has become a good way for all major appliance manufacturers to develop new products and improve efficiency.