Electrochromic Car Window Film

- Oct 25, 2019-

Two:Pay Attention In Installation Of Self-Adhesive Dimming Film

1. Check if there are black spots or bad appearance on the surface of self-pasted dimming film.

2. In order to don’t affect the use of self-adhesive dimmer film, be sure to paste the self-adhesive dimmer film onto the glass after the finish of the glass decoration.

3.Take film storage or film, make sure that two or more people operate to avoid squeezing and breaking the film.

4. Please clean the glass before sticking the film to ensure that the glass is free of dirt and dust. Make sure the edges of the film are aligned with the four corners when the film is attached, and the edges cannot be closed by force. In order to avoid water, air and dust, please use 3m high temperature transparent tape to seal the edge.

5. Glass glue must be dimmer glass special glue (Toshiba 83, Toshiba 381).

6. Find out the position of the self-mount dimmer power source in advance (the power is placed on the ceiling, according to the electrode position on the self-adhesive dimmer film to determine that the border needs to be perforated to thread, leaving the repair port)

Note: if you do not strictly follow the above precautions, resulting in a series of product problems are not within the scope of quality assurance.