Flat/Curved Tempered Glass

- Nov 04, 2019-

Product introduction:

It is heated to about 650 °C with high-quality glass, and then rapidly cooled, so that the glass surface is in a highly compressed state (and compressive stress) while the middle portion maintains a compensating force (ie, tensile stress). This surface compressive stress can resist various tensions that cause glass breakage, and the mechanical strength of the glass is multiplied. Compared with ordinary glass, its impact force, bending resistance and temperature difference resistance are increased by 3-5 times, and broken. After the glass fragments are purely angular particles, the damage to the human body is avoided to the utmost extent.

Maximum size: 500mm x 00mm Minimum size: 25mm x 25mm thickness 1-20

Execution standard: GB9963 "tempered glass" national standard, so tempered glass is a legal safety glass. Provide national test reports.