Glass Tabletop

- Oct 17, 2019-

Tempered glass is when the high-quality float glass is heated close to the softening point, the glass surface is rapidly cooled, so that the compressive stress is distributed on the glass surface, and the tensile stress is in the center layer. Because of the strong equal compressive stress, the external pressure is made. The resulting tensile stress is offset by the strong compressive stress of the glass, which increases the safety of the glass.

Glass Tempered Glass Tabletop2

1. Increased strength: After tempering, the mechanical strength, impact resistance and flexural strength of the glass can reach 4-5 times that of ordinary glass.

2, the thermal stability is improved: tempered glass can withstand a large temperature difference without damage, and the resistance to variable temperature difference is three times that of ordinary float glass of the same thickness.

3, the safety is improved: after the tempered glass is damaged by the strong, it will quickly show the tiny obtuse-angle particles, thus maximizing personal safety. Applications: Furniture, electrical and electronic industry, construction, decoration industry, bath rooms, automobiles, escalators, and other places where safety and temperature differences are particularly needed, and can be used as the original film of insulating glass and laminated glass.