PDLC Smart Film Adhesive

- Nov 18, 2019-

PDLC Smart Film non adhesive

A safe laminated smart LCD  glass, belongs to a kind of building decoration materials, it includes a liquid crystal material layer (1) and two pieces of glass (10), its characteristics is described in the liquid crystal material layer (1) the two sides of the stick with a single conductive membrane (2, 3), liquid crystal material layer (1) and the conductive film (2, 3) are encapsulated in the middle membrane (7), middle (7) clip in the middle of the two pieces of glass (10); The conductive film (2,3) is coated with conductive slurry (4), which is respectively in contact with the corresponding conductive copper foil (5,6), which is connected to the liquid crystal display controller (11) through the outlet line (8,9). The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, good safety, energy saving, environmental protection and wide use.