Polished Edge Tempered Glass

- Sep 18, 2019-

Ultra fine finished glass.

Glass cutting, fine cutting, tolerance can reach +/-0.2mm or higher requirements;

Glass parallelism, accurate tolerance, tolerance can reach +/-0.2mm or higher requirements, each side for fine polishing;

Glass edge grinding, precision grinding.

The polishing degree can reach the mirror, to meet the customer's high precision requirements.

"Fine machining glass, precise tolerance requirements, precise edge grinding." Mohs hardness is 7, density is 2.5 (g/cm3), thickness is 3~8 (mm), light transmittance is 89%, origin is shandong, purity is 100%, heat resistance is 350 degrees, brand is OEM, melting point is 1200, deep processing type is tempered glass, color is white glass