Prospects For The Development Of Tempered Glass

- Jun 17, 2019-


Since 2014, the tempered glass industry has achieved certain achievements in technological innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction. However, the industry still faces serious overcapacity, increasingly fierce market competition, continuous decline in economic benefits, and increasing pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction. Severe situation. In the second half of the year, social capital continues to adopt a wait-and-see attitude toward the real estate industry. In addition, the government's adjustment of the industry and the elimination of backward production capacity directly lead to a sharp decline in the demand for tempered glass. Glass deep processing enterprises face the unfavorable situation, how to break the bureau is a difficult problem for many glass manufacturers.

In 2015, the tempered glass industry is still facing a severe situation. On the macro level, on the one hand, as the national economy develops into a new normal, the downward pressure on the economy is still relatively large. The market demand growth mainly driven by investment will be very limited, and product surplus will restrict the development of quality and efficiency. From the perspective of demand, as the most important market in the glass industry, the negative impact of the downturn in real estate continues to expand. The current real estate cycle is still in the down stage. Although many cities have relaxed their purchase restrictions, the loose monetary policy is also beneficial to the real estate industry. However, the rapid development period of real estate has passed, and real estate enterprises are also facing internal structural adjustment and transformation. The pull of the glass industry has also been greatly weakened.

In the medium and long term, the construction tempered glass market will enter a transition period from quantity and scale to pursuit of quality and function, from rapid growth to smooth growth. The market growth point is mainly reflected in the upgrading of traditional market demand structure and electronics. And the continuous release of potential in emerging markets such as solar, automotive and home appliances. The pace of transformation is not fast, and these factors determine the quality of the industry's operation in the near future is difficult to fundamentally improve. Therefore, the tempered glass industry should take the transfer mode and adjust the structure as the main line and inevitable requirements for the development of the glass industry. It is necessary to accelerate the pace of technological advancement in the glass industry with emphasis on new product research and development; it is necessary to guide industry enterprises to actively carry out the adjustment and adjustment of industrial structure with emphasis on organizational restructuring, vigorously develop deep-processed products and promote the application process, and improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the industry. For the glass industry to lay the foundation for real transformation and upgrading in the future. At present, the development of the glass industry faces both severe challenges and rare opportunities. In the face of difficulties and challenges, we must have the determination to dare to win, but in the specific work, we must be down-to-earth. In terms of working methods, the whole industry must establish a chess game, strengthen cooperation awareness, and promote industry development. Enterprises should strengthen their ties and services with the government, reflect industry demands, and strive for favorable policies; key key enterprises should actively participate in standard innovation, policy innovation and transformation and upgrading, and technological progress, and play a model role in structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading.