Silk Screen Glass

- Oct 16, 2019-

Glass screen printing is the use of screen printing plates, using glass glazes, decorative printing on glass products. Glass glaze is also called glass ink and glass printing material. It is a paste printing material which is obtained by mixing and mixing coloring materials and binders. The coloring material is composed of an inorganic pigment and a low melting point flux (lead glass powder); the binder is commonly known as a slab oil in the glass silk screen industry. After printing, the glass products should be placed in a fire furnace and fired at a temperature of 520~600 °C. The glaze printed on the glass surface can be fixed on the glass to form a colorful decorative pattern. If you use silk screen together with other processing methods, you will get better results. For example, polishing, engraving, etching, etc. can be used to process the glass surface before or after printing, which can double the printing effect.