Tempered Bent Glass /curved Glass

- Sep 19, 2019-

There are many types of glass that can be classified according to different characteristics, such as functionality. Hot bent glass and bent steel glass is one of the functional categories. The properties of two kinds of glass are similar, but they are different. How can they be distinguished?

The difference between hot bent glass and bent steel glass can be achieved by the following fractions:

First, distinguish according to product diversity. The product of hot curved glass is more diversiform, design is more, can apply to place of a lot of different characteristic; Bending steel glass is relatively simple, generally can only be used for the radius of more than 1500mm bending arc.

Second, according to the safety of the product discrimination. Hot curved glass has little safety and great risk, while curved steel glass has better safety performance.

Third, according to the product reprocessing discrimination. Hot curved glass can be cut, drilling and other secondary processing, and bending steel glass can not be secondary processing.