The Disadvantage Of Tempered Glass

- Mar 01, 2018-

1 tempered glass can no longer be cut, and processing, only in the tempered glass before the need to process the shape, and then tempered treatment.

2 tempered glass strength is stronger than the ordinary, but tempered glass in the temperature difference when there is the possibility of explosion (their own rupture), and ordinary glass does not exist from the possibility of explosion.

3 Tempered glass surface will exist uneven phenomenon, a slight thickness thinning. The reason for the thinning is because the glass in the hot melt softening, after strong wind so that its rapid cooling, so that the glass inside the crystal gap becomes smaller, the pressure becomes larger, so the glass after tempered than in the steel before the thin. Under normal circumstances 4-6mm glass in tempered after thinning 0.2-0.8mm,8-20mm glass after tempered to thin 0.9-1.8mm. The specific degree depends on the equipment to decide, this is also tempered glass can not do mirror reason.