What Is An Antique Mirror?

- Sep 04, 2019-


Antique Mirror is not an antique mirror in the traditional sense, but the latest popular decorative mirror in the world. It is different from the aluminum mirror and silver mirror used in our daily life. It has undergone special oxidation treatment, and forms various shapes and colors on the mirror. It has an ancient charm and can create a feeling of passing through time and space.

Status and prospects

As one of the glass decoration fields, the antique mirror adds a retro, elegant and luxurious atmosphere to the interior decoration. It is favored by the retro-style decorative style and is widely used in high-end decoration such as wall, background and bathroom. It is very popular in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Asia. Due to its high technical content, at present, only a few of Chengzhen, Hengyi, Dongcheng and so on can produce such mirrors, but only seven manufacturers in the world produce them. Its limited supply capacity determines its high price compared to the vast market demand.