What Is Switchable Smart Film?

- Jul 24, 2019-

Three precautions for installing dimming glass

Dimming glass is actually an innovative product combining electronic technology and glass technology. The liquid crystal material is attached to the film to form a high-quality liquid crystal dimming glass film. The user can control the power supply through the remote control to instantly display the glass. Opaque, translucent, and fully transparent, it can replace the use of general roller blinds. Nowadays, the application of dimming glass is becoming more and more popular, and now teaches you three precautions when installing.


First note, choose the right panel

Consumers can choose to use the corresponding glass panels according to the requirements of glass functionality in the application field. For example, in the fields of public buildings and bathrooms with high safety factor and outdoor curtain wall applications, tempered glass should be used as the dimming glass panel. Very high customers can choose to use fire-resistant glass as the panel, and use it to bend the glass to make the panel. There are many types of dimming glass panels, so when choosing, be sure to carefully distinguish which one is best.


Second note: the specified glass glue must be used

Dimming glass is different from ordinary glass. Therefore, when installing and maintaining dimming glass, you should not use any glass glue that is not provided by the manufacturer. You must use the special glass glue for dimming glass provided by the manufacturer. Only in this way can the glass be installed normally. And play a good performance in later use.


Third note: can not be hollowed out

If you encounter a situation where the dimming glass needs to be hollowed out, you should ask the manufacturer if you can dig holes in advance. Because many dimming glasses are blindly hollowed out, there will be certain dangers, and the safety of installation and use cannot be ensured. Be clear about whether you have relevant experience or can you do it to avoid unnecessary troubles and losses.

Smart dimming glass has many additional advantages, such as the unique hardening treatment of the glass surface, anti-wear and scratch resistance, and the coating technology makes the dimming glass have anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint effect, which is better for the occupants. Compared with ordinary glass, the design concept of dimming glass is more innovative, and the viewing is higher. At the same time, it has more functions, such as replacing the curtains in the daytime to shade, the nighttime transparent and transparent to enjoy the night scene, and switching between transparent and opaque, so that life is also More fun.