Touch switch glass

Touch switch glass

Iemote glass Product Description Tempered Switch Panel Touch Glass is made by tempering the color pattern printed glass. Color pattern Printing is to print patterns onto glass by special screen with inorganic color materials. Then fuse the color materials into glass surface through the...
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smart switich toughen glass 2.jpgWhat is switch tempered glass?

Touch switch is a new product with advanced technology development. He generally refers to a wall switch designed using the principle of touch sensor chip, which is a replacement for the traditional mechanical button wall switch. The touch switch that can realize more intelligence, operation more convenient has traditional switch incomparable advantage, it is a very popular decorative switch of household product.


The touch-sensitive operation panel has been applied in many fields because of its strong, wear-resistant, insulating, dust-proof and water-proof appearance



The touch wall switch is another successful application of electronic replacement machinery. Touch switch has no metal contact, no discharge and no fire, save a lot of copper alloy materials, and greatly reduce the requirement of mechanical structure. It directly replaces the traditional switch, operates comfortably, feels good, controls accurately and has no mechanical wear. At the same time, touch switch is more humanized care, you can choose the text prompt on the switch by yourself, the personalized text label presents the effect of liquid crystal display, the crystal panel gives out light, so that the night is no longer completely dark, enough for people to form the orientation and contour sense.

C6 touch switch is widely used in high-end hotels, luxury hotels, high-end communities, villas, families and other places, as well as modern office buildings such as apartments and townhouses.


Various colors and designs are available
Touch switch glass panel can be toughened
Scratch and humid resistant
silk-screen printing never fade
Different patterns can be printed


Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm
Maximum size: 1000*1000mm
Minimum size: 30*30mm
Productivity: 200,000m2/year
Inspection: AS/NZS 2208:1996, BS6206, EN12150

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