Bent Tempered Glass Bent Laminated Glass Bent Glass

Bent Tempered Glass Bent Laminated Glass Bent Glass

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Through specific steps and specific process parameters, the obtained laminated glass not only has good safety, high impact strength, good protection performance, but also heat resistance, temperature resistance and noise reduction. Radiation protection, UV shielding and high transparency. Compared with ordinary tempered glass, the bending strength of the curved tempered laminated glass produced by the dry method of the invention is improved by 3-5 times, the impact strength is increased by 4-6 times, and the breaking limit of the impact steel ball falling is ordinary tempering. 5-7 times the glass.



The different of bent tempered glass between bent glass

For curved steel and glass thickness, size and radius of curvature, the radius of 6MM or less should be greater than or equal to 1.2m radius, the arc radius of 8m or less should be greater than 1.6m, and the arc length is generally no more than one-half. Round, the cost is higher than that of bent steel, the hardness is 3-6 times that of bent steel. After crushing, the glass is broken into granules, which does not hurt people. The arc is not required for the radius and thickness of the arc, and the price is low.

Variety of product styling: Hot-bending glass products are available in a variety of styles; curved steel glass has a single style and is only suitable for bending arcs with a radius of more than 1500mm.

Product safety performance: hot bending glass is unsafe glass; curved steel glass is safety glass.

Appearance quality: The surface of the hot-bending glass is smooth and there is no light distortion; the curved steel glass has wind spots and has a phenomenon of “shadowing”.

Product reprocessing: hot bending glass products can be processed by cutting, opening, etc.; bending steel glass has no secondary processing capability.


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