Bent Tempered Glass Manufacturers

Bent Tempered Glass Manufacturers

Curved glass made by high-quality glass heating and bending, molded in a mold, and annealed. Beautiful style and smooth lines. It breaks through the unity of flat glass and is more flexible and versatile in use. Suitable for fish tanks, dining tables, balconies, mobile counters, cosmetics counters, special requirements for different shapes such as hot-bent TV cabinets, doors, windows, ceilings, curtain walls, etc. It can produce various composite hot-bend glass products such as hollow and sandwich, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
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In general, electric furnaces are the main tool used to process hot-bent glass. With a continuous hot bending furnace, it takes only about a few dozen minutes to make a hot-bent glass. Hot-bending glass can meet the high quality requirements and high level of aesthetics of modern households. It is made of high-quality flat glass which is softened by heating. It is not only smooth, beautiful in appearance and style, but also in use and tradition. Compared with glass, it is more flexible and diversified. It is widely used in the production of dining tables, fish tanks, mobile phone supermarket counters, doors and windows, ceilings and balconies. It can be made into different shapes according to different requirements and tailored according to customer requirements. , received wide acclaim.



Hot bending glass features

Hot bending glass mainly includes two characteristics, one is specificity and the other is aesthetic:

(1) Specificity: Hot-bending glass can be made into various irregular but beautiful curved surfaces according to the different needs of different customers;

(2) Aesthetics: The curved surface of the hot bending glass is smooth and flat, and there is no connecting port. Not only that, the design line of the hot bending glass is very beautiful, in line with the customer's aesthetics, reaching a harmonious realm.



According to the shape of the exterior, the hot-bending glass can be classified into three types, bending, single bending and compound bending.

(1) Bending hot bending glass is widely used in counter glass, aquarium glass, curved arched corridors, and glass sinks. It is understood that the two biggest problems in the manufacturing technology of bending glass are that the corners are prone to wear scars and straight edge bending. Therefore, high-level, high-quality hot bending operations are required in the process of manufacturing technology, and the use is even more Precise molds, and sometimes a professional hot bending furnace is required to complete the entire production process.

(2) Glass Bending The process is relatively easy for a single curved glass. However, due to the relatively simple hot bending operation, some manufacturers are not careful enough in the production process, often about 150 mm from the straight edge of the glass product. On the edge of the curve, some glass products even exceeded the standards required by the state, causing post-installation difficulties. In order to solve this problem, the heating arrangement of the hot bending furnace must be reasonable, and the direction in which the glass article is placed is the same as the direction of the heating wire.


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