Curved Tempered Laminated Glass, Curved Tempered Glass Cover

Curved Tempered Laminated Glass, Curved Tempered Glass Cover

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Curved-tempered-laminated-glass advantage

1. The strength of curved tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary curved glass.

2. It adopts horizontal bending strengthening and the quality is stable.

3. Both sides of the bump can achieve good quality, especially when applied to the bending of the reflective glass, showing a clear visual quality.


bent glass.jpg


Wavy, curved building glass curtain wall, office building, shopping center, air station, concert hall, apartment-style rotating gate, curved staircase, handrail, skylight, spiral staircase, furniture, display cabinet. .


Regular sizeMaximum size: 2440*4200, 2500*3200mmMinimum size: 350*250mmRadius: greater than 450mmThickness: 5-19mmtitle1title2title3

French stair railing project


Columbia Door and Window Project


Qingdao Parking Lot Project

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