Refrigerator Curved Bent Tempered Glass

Refrigerator Curved Bent Tempered Glass

Bent / Curved Tempered Glass can be used for Refirgerator.
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The bent steel glass is processed into a softening point by a specific mold and equipment, and is rapidly and uniformly cooled by cold air. The tempered glass forms a uniform compressive stress on the surface, and the internal tensile stress is formed, which effectively improves the glass. The glass has four times the bending and impact resistance of the glass. When it is broken, it splits into small particles that are uniform and have no splitting mouth and are not easy to injure. It is a safety glass. Widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, instruments, instruments and furniture.


1, impact strength: withstand 1040g steel ball from 1 meter high free fall impact is not broken.

2, bending strength: bending strength can reach 200Ma.

3. Optical properties: The optical properties of the glass do not change during the tempering process.

4. Safety: When the qualified tempered glass is broken, the fragments are very small. The number of fragments in the 50mm×50mm area is not less than 40. The fragmentation section is basically perpendicular to the surface, and there is no sharp sharp corner, which will not cause harm to people.





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