Curve Tempered Glass

Curve Tempered Glass

Ordinary flat bent tempered glass Tempered glass/ Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass. Toughened glass is glass of a kind of prestress actually, to raise the intensity of glass, use the method of chemistry or physics normally, form compressive stress in vitreous surface, when glass bears external force, counteract surface layer stress above all, raised bearing capacity thereby, strengthen glass oneself fight wind pressure sex, cold heat sex, impact sex.
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Also known as toughened glass, by heating flat glass below its softening temperature (650 ° C) and suddenly cooling with cold air injection. It has the result of impermeable stress on the outer surface and inside under the strong compressive stress. Therefore, the impact on the glass will be achieved by the compressive stress on the surface to ensure the safety of use.


Color:                                 clear, ultra clear, colored, etc.

Thickness (mm):               3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19

Minimum size (MM):      100 * 300

Maximum size (MM):      3660 * 2440

Shape cutting:                   Any shape according to drawings.

QC standard:                     GB 15763.3, Chinese standard

                                            EN 12543, European standard

                                            ANSI Z97.1, American Standard

                                           AS/NZS 2208, Australian Standard

Supply capacity:              ≥80,000m2/month

Application: building, spiral staircase, handrail, display platform, cabinet, oven, freezer, furniture, etc.


Company advantage:

1. Delivery on time.
2. Considerable after-sale service.
3. OEM Service/Customer design
4. Sample time is about 3-7 days.
5. Size and thickness can be as requirements in commonly, that is flexible.
6. Pass the international Certificate, CE, EN12150, ISO9001:2008.

8.We promise the quality.


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