Bulletproof Glass Windows

Bulletproof Glass Windows

“Bulletproof Glass Windows” is often reported to be indestructible. No matter what weapon is used, no matter how many bullets are fired, bulletproof glass remains intact and unchanged.
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Bulletproof Glass Windows Information:

“Bulletproof Glass Windows” is often reported to be indestructible. No matter what weapon is used, no matter how many bullets are fired, bulletproof glass remains intact and unchanged. 


What is Bulletproof Glass Windows ?

Bulletproof glass is a composite material specially processed from glass (or plexiglass) and high-quality engineering plastics. It is usually a transparent material, with a layer of polycarbonate sandwiched between ordinary glass layers. It has the appearance of ordinary glass and the act of transmitting light, which provides certain protection for the shooting of small arms.

Bulletproof glass is actually made by bonding multiple sheets of glass or high-strength organic sheets together with a transparent glue. Generally Bulletproof glass has the following three-tier structure:

1. Bearing layer: This layer is first subjected to impact and rupture. Generally, a glass having a large thickness and a high strength can be used to damage the warhead or change the shape of the warhead so that it loses its ability to continue moving forward.

2. Transition layer: It generally adopts organic glue material, which has strong adhesive force and good light resistance. It can absorb part of the impact energy and change the direction of bullet growth. A very strong and transparent chemical film is placed in the laminated glass. This not only effectively prevents the bullets from being fired, but also has the properties of resisting surge, anti-explosion, anti-vibration and no cracks after impact.

3. Safety protection layer: This layer is made of high-strength glass or high-strength transparent organic material. It has good elasticity and toughness. It can absorb most of the impact energy and ensure that bullets cannot pass through this layer.


Function: Bulletproof
The thickness : can be customized
The Size : can be customized
Number of laminated glass : can be single-sided or double-sided
Certificates: CE&ISO


The reasons that you cooperate with TSING GLASS

Design: we have excellent design team and superb technology.
The size and thickness: can be customized to meet customer demand
The quality : high quality, smooth surface, without bubbles
The package: international standard packing
The company's biggest advantage: can do the laminated glass and the largest lead glass
Service: your email we will reply in a timely manner and will provide the best service

TSING GLASS has received customers' consistent recognition and appreciation. Owning to strict management, good quality and service, our glass has got goodreputation from the home market and well accepted to world market, we're exporting to South America, Europe, America, Canada, Africa, Asia countries and so on.

Feature : 
1. We can also cut sizeand deal with customer required sizes, also edge polishing.
2. Features:Smooth surface, even thickness, high light transmittance, no wave, no scratch,no bubble; thickness tolerance reach the national standards
3. Function andapplication: can be applied in the fields of building decorations, mirrormaking, laminated, tempered, optical instruments, glass deep processing etc.
4. Packing: Seaworthy wooden crates with paper layer between each sheet.


Our Service :
8+ years experiences on glass manufacturing and exporting.
Top quality glass with CE&ISO certificate.
Full range of flat glass supply, offering one-stop purchase.
Top Classic Loading Team ,Unique designed strong wooden cases, after sale service.
Professional sales team, offering personalized and dedicated services, exporting to more 76 countries in the world.

Welcome to inquiry us and visit our company!

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