Extra Clear Tempered Glass Anti-glare

Extra Clear Tempered Glass Anti-glare

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AG (anti-glare) processing

On the surface of the glass, the chemical treatment is directly processed (chemical anti-glare processing) to make the specular reflection of the original glass surface diffusely reflected, and it is possible to provide anti-glare properties to light such as sunlight.


Anti-glare glass features

The NSC AG technology uses a chemical liquid to produce a very fine uneven structure on the surface of the glass product. Therefore, the processed glass can have anti-glare properties for light such as sunlight. HAZE (haze) can be controlled in the range of 1.5 to 95% by adjusting the amount of chemical etching.


Because it is directly processed into glass, it is more durable than coatings and films. (Pencil hardness 9H or more)

Pattern design and texture

It is applied to the cover glass to maintain the appearance and high quality of the glass.

Surface strength

One of the characteristics of chemical AG processing is that it does not produce fine cracks (fine damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye) compared to mechanically processed AG processing, and can maintain high surface strength.

Suitable for high-resolution displays

AG processing can be used on the cover glass of high-resolution displays to effectively suppress glare (flash).

Stylus writing comfort

When using the stylus, you can achieve a smooth, pencil-like writing.


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