Deep processing glass

Deep processing glass

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Tempered Glass 1



  1. Max Size 2700x3660mm ; 2. Tolerance: ±0.3mm ; 3, Shape: all shaped design 

Rectangle Edge Polished 

1.Size: 110x2500mm ; 2. Tolerance: ±0.2mm ; 3.Design:  flat / round ; 

4. Automatic edge grind ; expecially round corner and polished will be done together.

Grinding of special-shaped glass

1. Size 125x1800mm;2, Tolerance ±0.2mm;3, Desigh: Straight edge / round edge / 

duckbilled polished edge; 4, Inner hole. Arbitrary shape, high precision.

Bevel edge

1, Size 305-1830mm;2, Bevel width 38mm.

 Drill hole

1, Distance of hole: 10-800mm;2, Diameter of hole: 6-150mm;3, The edge of the hole can be chamfered. 4, Conical hole. 5,Tolerance: 0.2mm. 6, Polished hole, Diameter>30mm.

Round corner

  1. Size: 300-2500mm; 2, R2-200mm;3, Tolerance: ±0.2mm ; 4, Rounded corners are smooth and without seams. 5. Can be polished.

Cut grooves

1, Size 1800-2500mm;2, Tolerance ±0.5mm;3, The incisions are straight up and down. 4, Groove can be polished. ( Glass width<850mm).



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