Shaped And Crystal Polished Tempered Glas

Shaped And Crystal Polished Tempered Glas

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The glass is cut from the original glass. The original glass is produced by the original glass manufacturer. The size of the original glass is relatively large. The processing of Zibo shaped glass needs to be cut according to the size of the product. The cut glass edge will be sharp. Wear special gloves when cutting to avoid being injured. If the glass is used in the product, it will be unsafe. Therefore, it is necessary to use a glass edger. According to the requirements of the product, the side to be ground by the glass will be different.

1. Simple edging: Simple edging refers to the simple treatment of the four sides of the glass, so that the edges are not sharp, and the hands are not cut. The appearance of this simple edging is not very beautiful. This kind of glass is generally installed in the frame and used. A simple grinding wheel can do it, and the simple grinding side can save a certain cost.

2, the fog side: the fog side is much better than the simple grinding side, the fog side has a matte effect from the appearance, the fog side needs the edger to grind out this effect.

3. Light edge: The light edge is ground by a polishing wheel or a special polishing machine. The appearance of the light edge is relatively beautiful. Generally, the edge of the glass is exposed outside, and the cost will be slightly higher than the first two.


A fully automated KBF edge machining center was developed to convert CNC machining from glass to continuous processing. The machining center

Ended the cumbersome production process of many CNC products. For almost any glass size, type and thickness, the system is

Ensures superior grinding and polishing quality. In addition, the combination of drilling and milling ensures that it is only in one process

Finishing the cutting, drilling and countersinking. Accurate tolerances through a particularly sophisticated CNC unit

And the highest quality level; 40 sets of tool changers ensure a particularly short set-up time. Whether in functional glass or solar glass

The structural assembly or interior design requires that the vertical machining center be fully functional to meet the highest quality standards.


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