Shower Room Glass

Shower Room Glass

The advantages of glass bathrooms 1. Less space and permeability 2. Good waterproof performance 3. Convenient cleaning 4. Various styles
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What is shower room?


Shower room: alone shower cubicle, contemporary household is opposite the requirement of wei yu facility is higher and higher, a lot of families hope to have an independent wash bath space, but as a result of the bedroom sanitation space is limited, can only wash bath facility and wholesome clean have put in one room. Shower room makes full use of indoor one horn, divide shower range clearly with fence, form relatively independent wash bath space.

Industry status


The manufacturer of a few shower room to satisfy partial market demand, color already broke through onefold transparent glass, added a lot of bright-coloured colour, wait like white, gold, silver, red, yellow, sapphire blue, with the colour of toilet be in harmony is -- body, will cleanness and adornment function close 2 for one. Some shower room USES the craft that gush arenaceous gold or gush arenaceous silver, colour is showily. But usually, the user that makes transparent glass still takes an extremely large number, the reason is toughened glass surface if did other processing, can reduce glass quality grade


1. Separate washing and bath space can be divided, so that a relatively independent washing and bath space can be created to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life.

2. Save space. The space of a few domestic toilet is small, do not have bath crock, and shower room can save a lot of space.

3. had shower room, when using shower head shower water won't splash to the outside the ground of whole toilet gets wet.

4. winter, use shower room still can have the effect that keep warm. Water vapor is gathered in a narrow space, quantity of heat is not lost very quickly, let a person feel very warm. And if toilet is bigger, do not have shower room again, although have central heating, also often feel very cold.

5. the modelling of shower room is rich, colour is bright-coloured, besides have the function that washs bath outside, itself still is a very good adornment

Matters needing attention

1. The pre-embedded hole position of shower room size should be designed before the toilet is decorated.

2. The best customized shower room with water supply system and tile installed.

3. Wiring leakage protection switch devices should be considered before installation in the shower room to avoid rework.

4. The style of the bath room depends on the layout of the toilet, and the common ones include corner type and one character type.5. Install the shower room strictly according to the assembly process.

6. The shower room must be firmly connected with the building structure and cannot be shaken.

7. The open shower room must be fixed with expansion bolts and drained with non-hollow walls. The amount of water in the bottom basin is not more than 500g.

8. The appearance of the shower room after installation shall be neat and bright. The sliding door and moving door shall be parallel or vertical to each other.

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