Toughened Glass Door

Toughened Glass Door

In some special places, sometimes it is necessary to use tempered glass doors. For example, some hotels and restaurants require tempered glass doors for decoration. Generally, we know that the price of tempered glass doors is relatively expensive. Let's look at the price of tempered glass doors for everyone. The role of tempered glass doors?
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In modern society, people need to use a lot of glass products in their daily life, which has been completely unable to get rid of glass. Glass is stable, acid and alkali resistant, hard and durable. It is one of the raw materials for most important equipment.

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It is safe to use, its bearing capacity is increased, and its fragile property is improved. Even if the toughened glass is damaged, there are small pieces without sharp angle, and the harm to human body is greatly reduced. The cold and heat resistance of the toughened glass is 3-5 times higher than that of the ordinary glass, and it can generally bear the temperature difference of more than 250 degrees, It is a kind of safety glass. It can ensure the safety of high-rise buildings

Company advantage:

1. Delivery on time.
2. Considerable after-sale service.
3. OEM Service/Customer design
4. Sample time is about 3-7 days.
5. Size and thickness can be as requirements in commonly, that is flexible.
6. Pass the international Certificate, CE, EN12150, ISO9001:2008.

8.We promise the quality.


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